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Kelly Wilde

Weekdays 6—10 am Central

Kelly Wilde just celebrated his 38th year in radio. He started in Sparta, WI, before stopping in LaCrosse, WI, then Los Angeles, CA, and finally moving back closer to home.

Kelly is a nationally syndicated comedy writer whose material has been heard on radio stations across North America and “The Tonight Show” with Jay Leno.

Kelly describes himself as a writer who just happens to do radio. Kelly and his wife Sue have been married for 30 years, and listeners are familiar with their quirky relationship and their three children affectionately known as Dr. Analyst, Mammal, and The Cowboy. Listen and find out why he is known as a Radio Host who works alone with a cast of thousands.

Weekdays 10 am—2 pm Central

I've had the radio bug ever since I was a little kid, maybe 4 or 5, tape recording myself introducing records, pretending I was on the air. I got started in real radio in college in 1985. My first professional radio job was in 1988 - overnights at a tiny AM blowtorch in St Cloud, Minnesota.

From there, I wore several hats at a medium-market cluster: Morning Drive, Assistant PD, Remote Coordinator and Production Director. I was Afternoon Drive and Production Director at a medium-market classic rock station. Most recently I worked part-time and overnights in a top 20 major market station with a classic rock format.
In addition, I have worked with the Ervasti Media Programming Team in an on-air capacity for over 5 years.

I love live concerts, photography, auto racing, gardening, fishing, my family & dog, and I can't say NO when I'm asked to DJ at a wedding or party.

Rick Stevens

a woman with red hair and a green shirt
a woman with red hair and a green shirt

Kelly Wallace

Kelly Wallace has a career in both broadcasting and the record industry. On air in markets like Chicago, Minneapolis, Milwaukee as well as a Regional Director for Capitol Records, Mercury Records, Island Def Jam records and with Clive Davis at J Records. Now she finds herself playing radio for some of the best people she's ever had the chance to work with. "Total Hits is the total package!" says Wallace. She had a chance to work with Dick Ervasti prior to his passing, "and when Mary (his wife) called to update me on Total Hits, I absolutely said, I'm IN!"
Kelly Wallace is our afternoon talent. Catch her show 2 to 6 M-F.

Weekdays 2-6 pm Central

Aaron Michaels
Weeknights 6 - 10 pm Central

Aaron started in radio in July of 1988 right out of high school at KANO in Anoka,MN. Aaron has also worked at KRWC in Buffalo, MN, KJJO in Minneapolis/ Saint Paul MN, KQCL & KDHL in Faribault, MN, & Love Songs USA. Outside of broadcasting, Aaron has an extensive vocational background in Sales Support, Credit Representative, Customer Service, Teaching/Mentoring as a corporate assistant trainer/ mentor, and entrepreneur. Aaron is a father of three grown kids, and 4 grandkids. He is a health nut, with primary focus on supplementation and physical fitness. Aaron also is a connoisseur of various coffees. Aaron has an interesting, and sometimes zany view on celebrities, pop culture, and news in general. Check out Aaron Monday through Fridays from 6:00-10:00pm Central Time.

"Aaron Michaels never ceases to make me laugh with his funny, punny one liners. He obviously loves his job with you. I think he has a great radio voice too!" Marcia, a Total Hits USA listener.

Jim Racey

Jim had a 14 year radio career that began during high school, working weekends on the air at stations in Winchester, Virginia. Later in Cincinnati, Ohio, he did part time on-air work, drive-in theater recordings and DJ'd at a popular night spot. He went on to work full time at stations in the Virginias and DC suburbs as DJ and Music Director. (His Mom said she always wanted an MD in the family.)

Jim is an avid record fan, 45's that is. His home library has every top 20 single from 1955 to 1995, and then some. He left the radio business to pursue a career in the insurance industry and retired as a successful agency owner. Now, enticed by the sound of TotalHits, Jim has returned to his first career, joining TotalHits’ exciting revitalization of Top 40 radio. You can hear Jim weekends on TotalHits. Saturday and Sunday mornings from 6am to 10am.

Weekends 6—10 am Central

Jerry Robert Mason
Saturday 10 to 2pm
Sunday 2 to 6pm

55 plus years in Broadcasting.

2 nd time around for Ervasti Media llc.
Radio Station Ownership.
Consultant, Station Manager,
Operations Manager, Program Manager,
Brand Manager, Production Director,
Marketing Manager. Highly Rated Personalityon Terrestrial Radio. All the jobs that
go along with it. Radio, has been Good to Me.
Is there more? As long as the Radio Man
in the Sky allows, then “The Hits Roll On”.

Jeff Butler started as a DJ in 1976 at a roller skating center, performing several night club gigs and mobile DJ sound and light shows. He went to Brown Institute 1978, and started his radio career in 1979. Jeff made 7 stops up and down the dial before landing back permanently in Minneapolis in 1989, where he is still working today, and doing live broadcasts on WDGY from all the big car shows that come to the twin cities. Jeff loves Classic cars, Motorcycles and still Roller skate once a week.

Jeff Butler has been heard mainly in the Twin Cities area of Minnesota. He's been heard on many great stations there over the years, including WWTC, KJJO twice, KOOL 108 twice, KTCZ Cities 97, WRQC ROCK 100.3, Classic Hits 100 the "New WLOL", KQRS and WDGY.

You can hear Jeff every Saturday from 2 till 6pm Central right here on Total Hits USA!

Jeff Butler

Saturdays 2-6pm Central

Meet Bartender Bob, the voice that keeps you entertained and your drinks stirred. Bob is our resident expert in sarcasm, serving up witty commentary and hilarious banter on air. When he's not busy crafting the perfect cocktail or spinning the latest tunes, you can find him lounging in his hammock, pondering life's deepest mysteries. Bob's love for cooking is rivaled only by his passion for radio, making him the perfect addition to our team. Tune in to hear Bob's unique take on life, love, and everything in between!

Bartender Bob
10a to 2p Sunday